Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mordor (The Land Of Shadow)

Mordor (The Land Of Shadow)
Mount Doom smoulders ominously in the distance while Orcs and winged Nazgul patrol the barren wastes; all watched over by the Great Eye.
A forlorn Frodo takes time to rest, the ring becoming an ever greater burden while the ever optimistic Samwise prepares for the final push. Unbeknown to the two Hobbits, Gollum watches and waits, barely visible, his eyes gleam from a dark crevice on the left.
Inspired By J.R.R Tolkiens The Return Of The King.


TheClaud said...

Beautiful. Interesting use of colour... you actually show some blue sky, and do I see green grass? I've never seen images of Mordor with those two included, but I like it. Makes it seem more realistic, and therefore more sad because we can see glimpses of life and light that are almost entirely dominated by shadow. Stunning work.

Joe Gilronan said...

Many thanks for the kind words concerning Mordor; I purposely used some colour and avoided the use of black, lots of purples. You have a good day, best wishes, Joe.